My Toronto Top 5

The weather in London was rubbish so we booked a sibling holiday to Toronto to escape the dreariness and explore a city we had always wanted to visit, but lo and behold, on the day of our flight, London enjoyed 1 week of beautiful summer weather! 

Superpeach Toronto 1

But it wasn't all bad, Toronto welcomed us with its incredibly friendly people and we had a truly unforgettable time!

Some a little cliche, but here are the top 5 things I enjoyed whilst in Toronto!

1. Graffiti Alley

On the first day, Toronto greeted us with... torrential rain. I mean full-on, non-stop, monsoon-type-of-rain for hours on end but as if by magic, when we got to our first destination, Graffiti Alley, the rain stopped and allowed us an impromptu photoshoot!

Superpeach Toronto 2

Colourful graffiti splashed all over the walls made this the most vivid and cheerful of backdrops - an eclectic mish-mash of anything and everything, when put together it really worked well to create a show-stopping space. 

Superpeach Toronto 3
Superpeach Toronto 4

When we went, there was only one other group milling around so we happily ran around taking in everything there was to see.

2. Axe Throwing at Batl

My sister wanted to do something really "Canadian" and so I guess she literally Googled, "really Canadian things to do" and axe throwing came up!

We arrived excited and eager to learn this fast-growing sport which humbly started from backyard beginnings.

The wonderful team at Batl patiently taught us the correct technique (it's not so much about the power peeps, it's all about the angle of release and following through in case you were wondering) and despite our abysmal start, encouraged us to keep trying. 

Superpeach Toronto 5
Superpeach Toronto 6
Superpeach Toronto 7

Sure enough, we eventually hit some bullseyes and boy did it feel good!

Superpeach Toronto 8

A hardy workout (my abs were aching the whole of the next day) and a great way to socialise, axe throwing comes highly recommended on my list!

3. Casa Loma

Set atop of a hill, this splendid castle built for Sir Henry Pellatt was the perfect way for us to make the most of our afternoon since Toronto finally decided to show us some sunshine!

Gallivanting down its grand hallways, we explored its luxurious rooms and climbed the picturesque turrets which rewarded us with remarkable views...

Superpeach Toronto 9

In its delicately manicured gardens, we couldn't resist taking photo after photo (to my brother's dismay) and spotted numerous weddings going on in the background - who could blame them for choosing this venue? Just look at how pretty it all is!

Superpeach Toronto 10

Too perfect for reality almost - it looked like something off a Hollywood set!

Superpeach Toronto 11
Superpeach Toronto 12
Superpeach Toronto 13
Superpeach Toronto 14

With something to admire around every corner, we spent hours here, even spotting a mumma raccoon with her tiny babies hidden up in a tree - my day was made!

Superpeach Toronto 15

4. Bang Bang Ice Cream

There are few things in the world I'd happily wait 20-plus minutes for, but Bang Bang Ice Cream is one of them.

When you reach the front of the queue, there's a lot of pressure to create the best possible combination (you get one sample, so use it wisely!), but the stress is well worth it!

Superpeach Toronto 16

Choose how you want your ice cream served - in a fresh puff, ice cream sandwich, egg waffle or cup, then choose from their fabulous variety of unique flavours - you're spoilt for choice!

I chose Totaro (taro) and soursop in an ice cream sandwich on my first night (yes, we went more than once).

Superpeach Toronto 17

The creamy, smooth texture made it a delight to eat and the flavours were so exquisitely rich - I could literally taste the soursop as if I were eating the fresh fruit. 

Each bite was pure, tantalising joy for our tastebuds and dare I say, the best ice cream I've ever had!

Superpeach Toronto 18

5. Niagara Falls

Finally, we obviously couldn't go to Toronto without seeing the Falls!

We made it into a mini sibling road trip by renting a car for the day. Used to the tight, compact roads of London, the wide, multi-lane roads of Canada totally had us baffled but it was an... interesting experience!

Superpeach Toronto 19

Arriving at the Falls, we were engulfed in a cooling mist so we couldn't see the Falls immediately, having to make our way closer.

Superpeach Toronto 20

As we peered over the edge of the railing, our breath was quite literally taken away...

Superpeach Toronto 21

Spectacularly impressive by all measures, Niagara Falls is something you have to witness in real life to fully appreciate its sheer scale and beauty.

We all took a moment to just take it all in...

Superpeach Toronto 22

Before snapping some cheesy tourist photos in our ultra-attractive ponchos which they hand out to you at every opportunity, and which we so gratefully accepted for what little protection they did offer.

Superpeach Toronto 23
Superpeach Toronto 24
Superpeach Toronto 25
Superpeach Toronto 26

Our tickets included an immersive 4D experience, a cheerful walk behind the Falls and an epic boat ride into the Falls, yes into - a crazy, extraordinary trip where we got utterly drenched but it was so worth it!

Superpeach Toronto 27

Don't forget to come back for the evening fireworks which light up the Falls in all her glory!

An image which will always be imprinted in my mind...

Superpeach Toronto 28

Toronto, Canada - you are one of my most favourite places I've ever visited - thank you for sharing with me all your charms, we'll be back for more!

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