Superpeach Room Tour

One of the joys of running a boutique is that I get to choose exactly what I want to stock.

Whilst this can be a good thing because it means I put a lot of thought into everything I choose - I only stock what I would buy myself, it can also be a bad thing because I want to keep everything!

Here's how I incorporate Superpeach pieces into my own room as well as pretty pieces from other places...

Superpeach room tour 1

My chest of drawers sit directly opposite my bed so it's the first thing I see when I wake up. 

The little acorn quote reminds me that big things take time and energy to grow, but when they do, they'll be amazing - much like Superpeach! These small but meaningful touches really help me wake up each morning feeling positive and ready to take on the day!

Custom gold foil print - PinkDaisyBunny on Etsy

Monogram marble initial print - Lily Rose Co.

Gold mirrored tray - Oliver Bonas

Shabby chic lantern - Melody Maison

Artificial peonies and vase - eBay

Superpeach room tour 2.jpg

My work space is where I spend most of my day doing Superpeach work (and watching Netflix) so I like to keep it as neat as possible - nothing makes me happier than a tidy desk!

Obsessed with marble would be an understatement, I love how chic and timeless it is and have bits of it throughout the room. The marble panel on the right-hand side which I use as a noticeboard was actually a free tile sample from when we were scouting out the perfect tiles to do up the bathroom (top tip!).

Rhea mousepad - Superpeach

Marble laptop skin - DecalGirl

Marble personalised coaster - Sophia Victoria Joy on Not On The High Street

White desk tidy - eBay

Superpeach room tour 3
Superpeach room tour 4

With Superpeach, being super organised is key - my wall planner does the job by giving me an overview of the entire year so I can quickly see what occasions are coming up to better plan Superpeach strategy e.g. when to buy Valentine's Day stock, when to start my summer campaign etc.

The little pink tassel lantern was a gift from Taiwan from my sister, The Lost Girl travel blogger, it's for bringing prosperity to business hence why it has such a prominent position in my Superpeach room!

Magnolia wall planner - Studio Henki on Amazon

Celeste diamond pens - Superpeach

Georgia diamond pens - Superpeach

Alexa crown pens - Superpeach

Nelly tippex pen - Superpeach

Business cards - Vistaprint

Superpeach room tour 5

On a day-to-day and more personal basis, I use my Bando agenda which I can't live without!

Jules diamond paperweight - Superpeach

I Am Very Busy agenda - Bando

Superpeach room tour 6

One piece of equipment I couldn't run Superpeach without is my Foldio lightbox. This baby has been with me from the very beginning when I was still learning how to take photos and Photoshop. It's permanently up in the corner of my room ready to be plugged in when I get new products such as these stunning Cassandra sunglasses!

Foldio 2 lightbox - Orangemonkie

Cassandra sunglasses - Superpeach

Superpeach room tour 7
Superpeach room tour 8

I started Superpeach with the belief that happiness is found in the smallest of details, hence my love for adding little touches such as these bunny ring holders and appreciating the detailing on this elegant etched mirror.

Running a boutique called Superpeach also means I am naturally obsessed with anything and everything that is peachy!

Etched mirror - Argos

Gold and silver bunny ring holders - Umbra on Amazon

Peach makeup bag - Skinny Dip

Peach hair brush - Oh K!

Peach earrings - Gifted

Superpeach room tour 9
Superpeach room tour 10

Camilla marble makeup brushes - Superpeach

Essie Ballet Slippers nail varnish - Superpeach

Goldie makeup brush - Superpeach

Heart jewel mirror - eBay

Madison sunglasses - Superpeach

Etched mirror drawers - eBay

The best part of my room? The stunning panoramic views of London...

Each morning I pull the curtains back and each morning it takes my breath away. Sounds cheesy but it reminds me that the world is my oyster!

Superpeach room tour 11

My favourite time of day is just before bed - time completely to myself to reflect on the day. With dainty flower lights adorning my bed frame, it's easy to wind down and relax - dreamy vibes all round!

Flower lights - eBay

Carolina flower crown - Superpeach

Superpeach room tour 12

Since I was young, I've always kept a diary - I find it a good way to let go of negativity and to hold on to positive memories by putting it all down on paper. With a cup of hot herbal tea by my bedside, I freely write down my thoughts for the day and with a clear mind, fall asleep.

Daisy LED light - New Look

Quartz notebook - Superpeach

Celeste pen - Superpeach

Fleur mug - Superpeach

Marble coaster - Another free tile sample!

Superpeach room tour 13

Getting my beauty sleep for another amazing Superpeach day tomorrow!