Rugby World Cup 2015

I'm not going to lie, I've never been a huge fan of rugby...

When Ben has it on, I watch it in the background whilst checking my Instagram, but when he snagged us two tickets to the Rugby World Cup semi-finals, I jumped at the opportunity to go to my first rugby match, and boy was it awesome!

New Zealand vs. South Africa - Twickenham, here we comeee!!!

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Ben and I

There's just something magical about huge sporting events that sweep you up in all the excitement, you're always hearing about it on the news and everyone's talking about it so naturally, I was buzzing!

Even when we got to Waterloo to catch our train, I could already sense the excitement in the air. Fans were everywhere, all dressed up in their rugby finest, milling around and chatting to other fans having a beer or two.

We popped into M&S to pick up our own supplies...

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Mojito and G&T

And merilly made our way to Twickenham, nice and early to soak up the atmosphere.

From Twickenham station, it was a 20 minute walk to the stadium and with all roads closed off to cars, fans filled the streets with everyone in high spirits, drinking and chanting whilst making their way to the match.

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Walking to Twickenham

Numerous residents who live by the stadium made the most of the crowds and set up stalls selling food, merchandise and collecting money for charity, which is where I got my fancy face paint done.

If there are any South African fans out there, don't hate me but having no allegiance to any team, I chose New Zealand... for no major reason aside from the fact that they won the last World Cup and they're called the All Blacks and well, I wear a lot of black...

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog All Blacks face paint

We finally made it to the stadium and it was like walking into another world - I really was blown away! The entire place was packed and the crowds were roaring with anticipation for the match to start.

Plus, is it just me or are rugby fans super friendly? We quickly made friends with the people sitting next to us even though they were supporting South Africa. It seemed to me that it didn't matter who you supported because everyone was just happy to be there, enjoying the phenomenon that is the Rugby World Cup. It really was...

The worrrlldddd inn unniiioonnnnn!!!
Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Twickenham Stadium

Plus, we had some pretty awesome seats, really close to the action making it all the more exciting!

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog In Twickenham

It was a close match with both teams giving it their all. I loved hearing the crowds ooh and ahh, many standing up as the match got more and more tense - everyone was so enthusiastic and immersed in the game, it was impossible not to have a great time.

And even though it started to pour down with rain (classic London) during the final minutes of the game, nothing could dampen our mood, especially with a couple of pints in us!

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog pint

In the end, it was 20-18 to New Zealand woohoo! My first rugby and my team won - what are the chances?!

Post-match, we stayed around in the stadium to take it all in. The enormity of the place is impressive and it was amazing to see it all empty and eerily quiet after having just been full to the brim with chanting fans.

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Twickenham Stadium rain

We decided to have a few more drinks before hopping on the train home in the hopes that we wouldn't have to be squished on like sardines.

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Post-match

Plus I couldn't resist a few more selfies forcifully making Ben join in - after all, it was my first match and I wanted to make the most of it!

Superpeach Rugby World Cup blog Ben and I selfie

All in all, my first rugby match was an epic experience and I'll forever remember the brilliant atmosphere and friendliness of the fans.

Tickets to the finals anyone?