Peachy Positivity

Long time no blog post - another Peachy positive blog to reflect on the good things in life!

Having a Ball - Beaumont Estate

Superpeachlife blog - ball

Be it for a pretty tea party in the garden or a friend's birthday night out, it feels so lovely to dress up!

This month I've been counting down the days to a much anticipated ball and ahhh, to say I'm excited is an understatement! The best bit about it? We get a night's stay at the venue, the Beaumont Estate, so we don't have to stumble our way back home to London.

From a Superpeach perspective, it's always nice to be able to put my dancing shoes on especially when I'm so used to working from home in PJs! Plus, the ball makes for great social media posts and maybe a blog post too!

The Autumn Fair 2016 - Birmingham National Exhibition Centre

It was an absolute privilege to be invited to speak at last year's Autumn Fair and I was so happy to be invited again this year! Hopefully, I'll be less of a bag of nerves and be able to enjoy the moment more!

The Autumn Fair exposes Superpeach to a variety of important brands and individuals, and of course, the opportunity to share my experience means a lot to me. My favourite part of it all is actually taking the questions at the end, because whilst they are unpredictable, I love the interaction!

This year, I'll be updating last year's presentation with how Superpeach is progressing - we went from a knicker boutique to also stocking socks, collars and nail varnishes, but of course, the main message I want to convey is: do what makes you happy and if I can do it, you most certainly can too!

Dreamy Sunsets

London weather is always such a talking point! One minute it's super sunny and I'm slurping on smoothies in the garden then the next, it's torrential rain! But at least now the sun makes more frequent appearances and my favourite time of day is when the sun sets - it's just so mesmerising...

Superpeachlife blog - sunsets

Good weather does good things for Superpeach, I feel so much more positive when I wake up - ready to take on the day!

Plus, I get more natural light for photoshoots - have you seen the newest flat lays over on our Instagram? The scenic lighting makes for perfectly dreamy shots and I can spend hours outside trying out different angles to get the right shot. After all, it's always good to be prepared and have a stash of sunny photos for Instagram, especially when London's weather is so crazy!

Bando 17 Month Classic Agenda - I Am Very Busy - Price varies depending on where you get it from. I got mine off Amazon from the Paper Parlour for only £20 plus £1 delivery!

I've mentioned Bando in my previous Peachy Positivity blog post and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this mid-year diary! Full of pop colours and fun stickers with feel-good quotes throughout, I'm desperate for August to come round so I can start using it! I just adore the quirkiness of the design and of course, I am very busy!

From Superpeach meetings to catching up with friends, I love keeping organised and having everything all in one place. A good diary with a to-do list is a super way to keep on top of things and I carry mine everywhere with me to plan, plan, plan and jot down ideas when they come to me!

Wedding Season!

'Tis the wedding season and we have been attending lavish dos left, right and centre! I adore weddings but Asian weddings are truly spectacular!

Every Asian wedding usually includes a 12 course meal including the all important fish with the head and tail still attached to symbolise the couple being together from the start to the very end. I always leave with a full belly and happy heart - thank you for having me!

From a Superpeach perspective, weddings are a great place to people watch and look at the latest trends - what's in right now is really important, for example, the weddings right now are awash with pretty pastels and hence, Superpeach's new nails section is abundant in baby pinks and light shades of blue!

Superpeachlife blog - lobster
Superpeachlife blog - wedding selfie
Superpeachlife blog - wedding

That's a wrap! Reflecting on what makes you happy right now sure is a great thing to do!