Peachy Positivity

Happiness is all around us!

I draw inspiration from pretty clothes and accessories I've been lusting after, as well as exciting life events which positively influence Superpeach...

Let's begin!

Banh Banh Vietnamese Restaurant - 46 Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR

Friends and family inspire me everyday and it pleases me immensely when I see them successfully chasing their dreams. The Nguyens, family friends who I have grown up with, are set to open their Vietnamese restaurant this month in Peckham and I couldn't be more happy for them!

I was lucky enough to try out their food before the official opening and mmmmmmm, I couldn't pick a favourite amongst the delicious, authentic dishes, all served up in a super chic setting - think bare brick walls with a centrepiece marble bar serving up hip cocktails.

Doing what you love really changes your life and the Nguyens are totally going for it! The fact that it's a family affair run by 5 siblings and their parents makes it all the more amazing and I am totally in awe of their teamwork and dedication to do what makes them happy. It really inspires me to be positive and have a can-do spirit - whoop whoop!

Sister Jane Paloma Ruffle Blouse - £52

When it comes to clothing, I love simple, staple pieces with a stand-out feature. This Sister Jane Paloma blouse embodies just that - it's a classic pink blouse but with voluminous ruffle sleeves and I'm. In. Love!

Superpeach is all about details and I adore all things with frills, pleats, bows, lace etc. When I am choosing or designing stock for Superpeach, I gravitate towards textures and embellishments - details which add an edge to a product and make it really unique. "Pretty" is definitely a word I would choose to describe the stuff we sell as well as of course, "fun" and "flirty"!


Hong Kong

As much as I lovvvveee shopping, nothing makes me happier than a long-awaited holiday! I am SO super excited to go to Hong Kong, I'm literally bouncing off the walls as I write this even though I've been many times before! But don't worry, you can still place your Superpeach orders as I have roped in my oh so helpful sister, Remi, to take over the reigns mwahaha!

As much as Hong Kong will be a holiday, I'm also keen for it to be beneficial for Superpeach. Asia is renowned for producing the cutest brands with adorable packaging to boot. I want to go with an open mind and take in ideas from not only the stuff they sell, but also my surroundings - from the famous glittering skyline to the sights, sounds and scents of the busy Hong Kong streets. I'm thinking of documenting it all in a vlog/blog too - what do you think?


Kate Spade Splash Out Watermelon Clutch - no longer available directly from the Kate Spade online store but I've seen it around at Bicester Village, department stores and eBay.

SO CUTE GAHHH! I spotted this Kate Spade watermelon clutch when I recently went to Bicester Village and ran over to it like a little kid! It's perfect for spring and the vivid colours add a pop of fun to any outfit - IT MAKES ME HAPPY JUST LOOKING AT IT!

Generally, I am just a sucker for things in the shape of other things - gimme a bag in the shape of a teapot or a phone case with bunny ears any day - the weirder the shape, the better!

For Superpeach, I love quirky designs. I really like the idea that the mundane things we use every day can bring a smile to our face if they were made more fun, and I really hope our knickers and socks do that for you. In the future, I really hope to stock cheery accessories that not only brighten up your outfit, but also your day!

Shop Ban.Do

This brand is the very definition of fun. I had been lusting after their colourful diaries for some time and then discovered their whole range of funky accessories. Once you start looking, you literally will want everything, even if some of it is useless - I mean who doesn't need a giant inflatable unicorn in their lives?!

I'm new to building a brand from scratch so I take inspiration from brands which have been so successful at fine-tuning what they stand for, they've become a lifestyle. Shop Ban.Do is definitely the type of website that I aspire Superpeach to be like - a go-to destination if you're looking for a pick-me-up or just some general positive vibes!

Maybe it's the sunshine in London which is making me in a good mood because as cheesy as this post is, I really enjoyed writing it because it reminds me what I should be grateful for, makes me value what I have now and gets me so excited about the future!

I could get used to writing these peachy positive blog posts every month or so - yeeeessssss!!!