Peach Snaps!

*** UPDATE: We are so pleased to announce that this photoshoot has been featured on Nee Hao Magazine - thank you so much Nee Hao and thank you to the wonderful girls I had the pleasure of working with to achieve this! Check it out here! ***

Since starting Superpeach, I am most grateful for new opportunities.

Meeting and collaborating with great people on things that I've never done before, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and expanding Superpeach - it really is a fantastic experience to work with such talented people and bring our passions together to create something amazing!

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of working with (can I call it working when we did so much goofing around?) the brilliant Emma of FYi Photography, together with radiant models; Isabella, Michelle, Emily and the incredible Minaz doing makeup - we were ready to shoot some flirty Superpeachy shots!

(Sorry, Isabella and Minaz who aren't in this photo as they had to dash off before our post-shoot selfie!).

Superpeach Peach Snaps blog selfie

Despite the 9am call time, everyone was perky and I cannot sing enough praise for these ladies who made the whole day so fun. After introductions over coffee and stuffing our faces with brioche rolls we felt like old friends!

Emma managed to secure her friends' flat for our location (thank you Emma's friends for the hospitality!) and we couldn't have been more impressed with it. High ceilings and wide windows meant light was streaming into the rooms but shooting in mid-December meant we were racing against time to make the most of the sunlight! So lights, camera, ACTION!

Superpeach Peach Snaps blog location

A week before the shoot, I had set out on a prop-buying mission! Scouring the high street and eBay for anything and everything Superpeachy. Come shoot day, I came armed with a vintage tea set, pretty flowers, fairy lights and milk bottles just to name a few!

Superpeach Peach Snaps blog props

Our keen bean models weren't only pretty faces - they were brimming with ideas on how we could arrange the props to decorate each area we would be shooting in. Together we got on like a house on fire as we bounced ideas off each other and the day just flew by.

Superpeach Peach Snaps blog model props

The shoot couldn't have worked out better and was such a positive experience! Minaz would be so skillfully efficient applying makeup as the models would take turns to rock some Superpeach knickers, all whilst Emma worked her magic taking photo after photo and directed the whole thing. Working with such professionals made me feel a lot more comfortable as I've never done such an elaborate photoshoot before.

Where and when I could, I was more than happy to help (or distract!) - I've learnt so much doing this shoot from what is expected of me as the designer to how to help the photographer capture the oh so precious sunlight (obviously whilst acting like a complete goofball).

Superpeach Peach Snaps blog goofing around on set
Superpeach Peach Snaps blog goofing around 3

My favourite shots (which I can only give you a sneak peek of until the photos are released) were definitely those in our balloon-filled bubble bath. Throwing balloons and giggling away as we shot, it definitely did not feel like work!

Superpeach Peach Snaps blog balloon bubble bath

After 5.5 hours on set, we were all exhausted but so very pleased with what we had achieved together. I can't wait to share with you all the photos when they are released so watch this space!

What a fruit-ful day!