Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival fell on the 27th September 2015 this year and I was super excited to celebrate!

Starting up Superpeach, it's always GOGOGO and it's nice to be able to celebrate a traditional holiday with the family. At home, we celebrate simply with just mooncakes and tea.

Superpeach blog Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake

To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of mooncake - the taste is too heavy for my liking but they sure are a popular and expensive delicacy so I always eat my share!

Superpeach Mid-Autumn Festival blog Naomi and mooncake

There is a huge variety of mooncake filling including lotus seed (my personal favourite), red bean, durian and custard - usually with an egg yolk right in centre of the cake, the outside is delicately carved pastry.

With such a strong flavour, green tea is a must!

We brewed a fresh pot and sat around catching up on life. With everyone all grown up either working or studying full time now, we rarely get to sit down as a family so I was sure to cherish this lovely evening.

Superpeach Mid-Autumn Festival blog mooncake and tea

After finishing our cake, we pulled on some jumpers and holding our warm cups of tea, made our way outside to look at the moon - particularly bright and beautiful on Mid-Autumn Festival.

Superpeach Mid-Autumn Festival blog moon

Admiring the full moon made me realise how fulfilling this Superpeach journey has been so far, and to think this is just the beginning!

What a simple, but perfect Mid-Autumn celebration.