Eukanuba Discover Dogs at The ExCeL

"Meet, greet and discover over 200 different breeds of dog" - UM, YES.

When I heard about Eukanuba Discover Dogs, London's biggest dog event, it took me less than a split second to book tickets for my sister and I.

I absolutely love dogs and am lucky to have my own adorable Labradoodle, Bear (you may have seen him feature in some of Superpeach's Instagram photos). Bear is everything you'd expect of a Labradoodle - lovable, incredibly playful and always amusing me with his crazy antics.

Here's Bear looking happy on his birthday (yes, we threw him a party complete with a tent, padding pool and BBQ...).

Superpeach Discover Dogsblog Bear

Unfortunately, you couldn't bring your own dog along so Bear waited at home for our return with the promise that we'd buy him presents from the event.

So we hopped on the DLR to get to the renowned ExCeL Centre, giddy with excitement all the way there. There's something mesmerising about sitting on the DLR, I love how it winds through London and how close you get to the buildings... anyway, I digress.

Once we got there, in every direction as far as the eye could see, were dogs of all shapes and sizes. Where to even begin?!

The first thing that caught our attention was a whole line of gorgeous golden retrievers ready to take to the stage and perform their dance routine with their owners - could this event be anymore amazing?! Why yes, yes it could - there were still hundreds of breeds to discover!

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog golden retrievers

We squealed in excitement and hurriedly made our way to the booths which showcased each individual breed (obviously working our way through in a very logical order to ensure we didn't miss any breeds out!).

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog golden retriever

Aside from happily petting all the dogs, it was lovely to speak to the wonderfully friendly owners who were proudly showing off their pets. Keen to answer questions and happy for us to go all snap happy with their beloved dogs, it really was every dog lover's dream!

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog petting
Superpeach Discover Dogs blog petting 3
Superpeach Discover Dogs blog petting 2

As you can see, getting petted and being papped all day was too much for this sleepy Ridgeback puppy and he was curled up on his owner's lap fast asleep, much to the adoration of passers by.

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog sleeping Ridgeback

I'm a huge fan of big dogs - the bigger the better in my opinion, but my mum has only ever let us go as big as a Weimaraner (our wonderful previous dog), so when I caught sight of the humungous St Bernards, I ran over in excitement. I wondered if I could sneak one home...

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog St Bernard
Superpeach Discover Dogs blog St Bernard paw

These gentle giants are the size of bears with paws bigger than my hand, but oh so squishable! My day was made when this particular cutie rested his ginormous head on my knee and let me stroke it whilst he fell asleep. I really didn't mind the fact that his head was so heavy and his drool was slowly seeping through my jeans because he was just adorable!

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog St Bernard 2

There was lots of petting to be done so we continued to make our way through all the booths, taking our time to read through the information on each breed. This event was particularly useful for people who were swaying towards getting a certain breed but wanted to know more.

To be honest, I wanted every dog there!

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog information

It really is amazing just how many breeds there are - I thought I knew dog breeds pretty well but there were numerous breeds I had never even heard or seen of and lots of breeds which I thought I knew but was incorrect!

P.S. Check out my Dalmatian jumper I aptly chose to wear for this event.

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog Samoyed

Being able to physically see and pet each breed, especially the rare ones, was an amazing experience as often when we are out and about with Bear, we see plenty of other dogs but we never really get the opportunity to interact with them.

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog dogs 1
Superpeach Discover Dogs blog dogs 2
Superpeach Discover Dogs blog dogs 3

It was a magical day full of our favourite furry friends and after 3 hours of wandering around, we decided as hard as it was to leave all the dogs behind, it was time to go home to our very own dog, of course not forgetting his presents which we promised!

Bear has a thing for fish - maybe he is secretly a cat, who knows? So we ended up getting him dried capelin by Sea Treats which he absolutely loved and a peppermint chew toy to combat the bad breath which would ensue! He was a very happy bunny and so were we after a great day out!

Superpeach Discover Dogs blog Bear treats