Cheer Your Heart Out

I started cheerleading at university with UCLU Lightning and I've never looked back.

It's an incredibly exhilarating and physically demanding team sport and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

Cheer Your Heart Out 1

Now I cheer with Blackout Evolution and I couldn't be happier!

After months of practice, the day had come - the Legacy, Just Believe Cheer and Dance Competition at the Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Having spent the evening before packing my kit and watching our practice video over and over again, I was as ready as I'd ever be!

Cheer Your Heart Out 2

The very fact that it was at the Olympic Park made me nervous - we were competing where sporting legends had competed, but it also highlighted how much and how quickly cheerleading has grown in the UK, and I felt happy to be a part of the sport as it continues to flourish!

Walking to our meeting point (which was so hard to find - the Park is mahooosive!), I was a bag of nerves, but once I was with my team mates I calmed down considerably knowing that we were in this together!

Cheer Your Heart Out 3

When you walk into the venue, you are immersed into a euphoric atmosphere of passion and performance... and lots and lots of glitter!

Cheer Your Heart Out 4

Arriving a few hours before we were due to compete, we had time to explore and of course, watch other teams!

Cheer Your Heart Out 5

After doing our hair and makeup, it wasn't long before we were ushered into the warm up room where my nerves quickly took hold again, but this was quickly diffused by posing for loads of team photos and getting our cheer snaps (little postcards of joy from another team member).

Cheer Your Heart Out 6

Finally, it was time to hit the mat and I swear for those 2.5 minutes, the whole world stops moving around you and you quite literally, cheer your heart out.

As we hit our final move, I was exhausted but also indescribably happy - we did it!

Cheer Your Heart Out 7

Now we could relax until the results were out! 

I took this time to do a little shopping...

Cheer Your Heart Out 8

Cheerleading competitions are awash with bows - bow keyrings, hair bows to match every uniform you could ever imagine, bows for your mum, dad, cat and dog!

I treated myself to a mini bow keyring to remind me of Blackout's first team competition (and I liked that it was in Iron Man colours!).

Cheer Your Heart Out 9

I also caught up with my old UCLU Lightning friends who, since leaving university have all continued their cheering endeavours with other amazing teams.

Cheer Your Heart Out 10

What I love most about the cheerleading world is the sportsmanship - your direct competitors will cheer for you and wish you luck, there is a great sense of unity within the sport.

Finally, it was awards time! All the teams gathered on the mat for a little boogie...

Cheer Your Heart Out 11

Before settling down as the results were called out in reverse chronological order... Ahhh!!!

Cheer Your Heart Out 12

Our coaches had reminded us time and time again that it was our first competition and it was purely for us to experience competing together as a team - "Treat it as another practice session", they kept saying but... it'd be nice to win, right?

As they called out our category, we waited in anticipation...

"First place goes to... Blackout Evolution Assassins!".

We whooped and hugged as they passed us our trophies.

Cheer Your Heart Out 13

Ecstatic that our hard work had paid off and excited for more cheer competitions to come, we went home knackered but with full, happy hearts!

Here's to a great Blackout Evolution cheer year!

Cheer Your Heart Out 14

Blackout Evolution train at Mulberry School for Girls every Tuesday or Wednesday from 7.00pm - 9.30pm depending on what team you're in, and alternate Saturdays at Talent Central at various times confirmed by our timetable. Come and join us at our next try outs!