Blogger Buddies

*Ping!* My phone goes off as another blogger has emailed about doing a collaboration.

These emails make me very happy and I do welcome them from bloggers, taking my time to look at their social media channels and getting back to each and every one of them. However, what I dislike most is when the email is overly-generic - they've not even included Superpeach in their email or mentioned what we sell. You can tell straightaway that they've spent 2 minutes, if that, typing up a meaningless email to try their hand at getting a few freebies.

Brands are their founder's babies! They've spent years building it up and fine-tuning what it stands for, so they won't just give away things so easily. You have to show them you actually love, and totally relate to their brand and this honestly means more than how many followers you have.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful to bloggers and greatly value and appreciate their work. Moreover, it makes me thankful and proud that bloggers want to work with Superpeach and whilst I can be pessimistic, after having had some really horrible experiences, I've since learnt my lesson!

Whilst I'll never take it for granted and respect the work of bloggers, I've recently decided to stop working with them for a while as from personal experience, they haven't brought as much to my brand as I've wanted and being a new(ish) brand, it's not so easy to just give products away in the hopes that a blogger will bring a few sales.

However, recently, I was contacted by Shanise Morgan - one of the very first bloggers I'd worked with and she, having read my blog post on working with bloggers, decided to contact me about doing another collaboration. Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive but Shanise is so professional, moreover, she's kept in touch since our first collaboration so I could really sense how genuine she was about working together.

What's more is, Shanise didn't want me to just hand over freebies like most bloggers expect, she decided she wanted to purchase them and just share her experience of buying from Superpeach! I was overwhelmed by her positivity and was so excited for what she was going to publish.

For this collaboration, we kept it simple. I didn't specify at all what I wanted from her in terms of what to post, what social media channels to post on, when to post etc. and I thought this was important as Shanise purchased the Superpeach products as a customer, not as a blogger who was limited to only praising Superpeach!

And let's just say she's surpassed my expectations by writing up another amazing blog post on Superpeach. Thank you, Shanise - you're amazing!

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