Always Time for Coffee!

Meeting up for coffee is one of the simplest, yet most enjoyable pleasures in life.

As a startup, friends are an invaluable source of ideas, opinions and suggestions and coffee is always the perfect way to share these (and have a good gossip!). I've relied on them so much since starting Superpeach and I'm so grateful for having such wonderful friends!

I recently met up with my gorgeous friend, Ruby, who I was long overdue a catch up with so we skipped down to a local favourite, Canvas and Cream.

Superpeach Ruby coffee blog

Isn't she a stunner?!

The cafe had a dreamy interior - raw wood furniture, mismatched vintage crockery (which you can buy!) and ornate mirrors adorning the walls - it was the perfect place to relax on a Friday afternoon.

Superpeach coffee blog Canvas and Cream cafe
Superpeach coffee blog Canvas and Cream cafe 2

The menu was expansive for a little cafe and I was tempted by a slice of their impressive cake selection which they proudly display by the counter, but in the end opted for the more savoury option of a fool-proof full English and a caramel latte (sweet tooth, I know). Ruby went for a carrot cake and an iced coffee.

Superpeach coffeee blog full English breakfast

We were not disappointed! My full English was delicious and really hit the spot, my caramel latte perfectly sweet. I sneakily stole a bite of Ruby's carrot cake and was pleasantly surprised for someone who doesn't usually go for it. Plus, they do their condiments in the cutest tiny glass jars! I'm a sucker for minature things.

Superpeach coffee blog mini Heinz ketchup

As always, Ruby was buzzing with ideas for Superpeach and I was quick to write them all down in my diary which I carry around everywhere with me, because you never know when a lightbulb moment will pop up!

Superpeach coffee blog diary

After a a few good hours, we made our separate ways home and promised not to leave it so long for the next catch up!