10 Fun Facts about Superpeach

Sharing is caring! I wanted to write a more personal blog post about Superpeach and share with you some titbits of information, you may or may not know...

Superpeach fun facts blog - peaches

1) Superpeach knickers are named after my family and friends who have shown amazing support from the very beginning.

And by support, I don't necessarily mean they bought a whole load of knickers from me. In a way, doing small things like sharing Superpeach-related news, liking Superpeach's photos, sending me encouraging messages to check up on how Superpeach is doing and giving me ideas etc. mean more than just buying my knickers. I am super grateful to have such lovely people in my life and never want to take it for granted.

2) Superpeach was opened on 8/8/15 at 8.08am because I'm half Chinese and the Chinese believe 8 is a lucky number.

Although I don't consider myself to be very superstitious, I thought it wouldn't hurt to have some lucky eights when I was choosing what day to open! So far, so good - keep the luck coming please!

Superpeach fun facts blog - peach and cup

3) Being a new business, I don't reach the threshold required to have a courier come and collect Superpeach orders from my door just yet, so I personally send off your orders by going to the Post Office.

Superpeach orders are random and I tend to go to the Post Office 3/4 a week. Now I'm best friends with my local branch - it's fast becoming my home away from home and they're always kept updated with Superpeach's latest adventures!

4) Superpeach's best-selling pair of knickers are the Olivias.

It must be the rich teal, intricate lace and gorgeous double waist band! But for me, my personal favourites are the Bunny and Ruby knickers.

Superpeach fun facts blog - peach hand

5) My sister serves as self-proclaimed creative director.

She's always been more creative than me and comes up with the best ideas to photograph stock and moods shots. Considering we don't have proper lighting or camera equipment, she sure does a good job! She even drafted the first Superpeach logo!

6) My proudest Superpeach moment was speaking at the Autumn Fair 2015 at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.

It took weeks of prepping and I was trembling in my boots when I arrived but as soon as I got on stage, all the nerves went away and I was proudly sharing my story with the audience.

Superpeach fun facts blog - peaches tea set

7) I love the contrast of my life working on Superpeach and working at Kim Lien Mini Market.

When I'm working on Superpeach, I'm usually working alone at home tapping away on my laptop with a cuppa, whereas at my mum's supermarket, I don't have a moment to myself, always interacting with customers and rushing around restocking the shelves.

8) The reality is, my stock room is my family dining room!

My mum appreciates that I have a business to run and need somewhere to store my stock but it does become a bit of a problem when we have big family events at our house and the dining room is stacked sky high with cute intimates!

Superpeach fun facts blog - tea set

9) The best thing about running Superpeach is the freedom to create the brand and shape it as I please.

I have no experience in running a business and I'm learning everything as I go, I take pride in making decisions about Superpeach and seeing the outcome. Moreover, being in control also means I can spend my days as I please. I hated the monotony of corporate life - with Superpeach, I can wake up when I want, as long as I send out all my important emails on time, and I can see my friends when I want, as long as I get back on time to package your Superpeach orders. Toot toot - life is good!

10) I have big plans for Superpeach but I always hope to provide a professional and personal service.

Superpeach is my baby and I have worked hard to make it grow. I hope one day to sell not only knickers and socks (the socks section is due to open on 30/03/16!), but also other things such as stationery, keyrings, purses, dressing gowns, matching vests and shorts - essentially, I want Superpeach to be the go-to destination for all things fun and flirty!

Thank you for supporting Superpeach, it means the world to me!